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  • Abstract Computer Index Thru: 07-18-2024
  • Abstract Computer Verify Thru: 07-17-2024
  • Abstract Original Docs Mailed Out Thru: 07-17-2024
  • Torrens Computer Index Thru: 07-18-2024
  • Torrens Typing Thru (Memorials and Transfers): 07-18-2024
  • Torrens Original Docs Mailed Out Thru: 07-18-2024

Dakota County Alerts!
All abstract and Torrens documents in the Book/Page and document number ranges have been digitized. We will continually work to make our indexes more complete and easier to search. Please notify us if a document is missing or incomplete.
Abstract documents have been indexed from present back to 7/8/1993.
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